Helping the rural poor in Malawi grow the food they need on their own land.

One Village at a Time is the backbone program for our work in Malawi. Our focus is to help the rural poor grow the food they need on their own land. Using an intensity of resources needed to achieve the greatest impact in the shortest time, we do this one family at a time and one village at a time. Our projects teach the tenets of Permaculture Agriculture, a method which renews the soils and manages water resources. Families create Kitchen Gardens planted with a variety of vegetables. We provide fruit trees to families and the information on how to care for those trees. We provide pigs, goats and chickens so families can start small animal husbandry businesses. We encourage families to grow corn or soybeans or tomatoes or cabbage or mushrooms or avocados, or oranges or papayas or bananas, or chickens or eggs, or goats or milk, or pigs for food or to be sold at market. We assist the participants in starting food cooperatives to bring their goods to market.

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In its sixth year of operation, the Leonard Kamungu Theological College Permaculture Farm is expanding to include Animal Husbandry operations in pigs, chickens, and goats, in addition to the ongoing fruit tree orchards, vegetable gardens and maize productions. The Theological College Permaculture Farm produces food for the staff and students of the college, provides income for the college from the sale of farm products, trains students in Permaculture Practices and acts as the Learning Center for Permaculture Farm Practices for the Anglican Church.

Two American Peace Corps volunteers, Kristof and Stacia Nordin, stayed in Malawi after their Peace Corps commitment to lead the Malawian Permaculture Movement. See the Nordin’s website NEVER ENDING FOOD.